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Prepapring for an audition?
Want to raise your confidence?
Just starting out learning to sing?
I can help!

I will work to improve your vocal range or help with a break in your voice.  


You might have tuning issues, or perhaps you find it difficult to project your vocal or sustain your voice as you'd like - I can help with all of these.

Build Confidence

Whether you are a complete beginner, need help preparing for an audition or just want to sound better when you sing for yourself, lessons are great for building confidence.


Many students just need a little help with vocal technique to greatly change how their voice feels and sounds.


Learn to sing, with ease and feel your voice is strong, controlled and truly supported.


I have been a professional singer on stage and a session vocalist for over 25 years.

I have a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience to share.

Establish your natural voice

Each lesson begins with a selection of warm up exercises before moving on to vocal techniques, strengthening and tuning work.


A firm technical foundation is essential for any vocalist, whichever style is pursued.  It is important to establish a natural voice from which to build upon.  I work to establish optimal vocal efficiency,  whilst making sure that each person retains their unique sound and style.  


Lessons are individually tailored.  Each session is a mixture of effective vocal technique, innovative and musically relevant exercises. Sessions also include troubleshooting work, on repertoire relevant to each client's style and genre. 

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