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I play the guitar and I have always wanted to sing at the same time (and I mean sing ‘properly’), so I decided it was time to get some lessons in 2009.


I studied with Nicole for nearly a year, and it was one of the best things that has happened to me musically. For a start Nicole has a fabulous voice, loads of experience in the industry, and she knows what she is talking about. This, coupled with her friendly approach and engaging teaching techniques really helped me to get the best out of my voice.


My confidence was boosted immeasurably, and she helped me to master different styles of songs. Her teaching is very tailored to your needs, so I got results I couldn’t have achieved by myself.  She understood what I was wanting to achieve and very effectively helped me accomplish this.  I felt liberated enough to sing at my wedding - which went down a storm!


Since my time with Nicole, I have written and recorded two albums and performed at various Acoustic Music Festivals. I have also been fortunate to be involved with Gareth Malone’s TV contest show “The Choir: Sing While You Work”, as part of the winning Severn Trent Choir. We have had the privilege of performing at Colston Hall in Bristol, Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod and Birmingham Symphony Hall, to name a few venues.  You can here more of my music here,


I can say without a doubt, that if it hadn’t been for my time with Nicole, none of this would have happened. The confidence and good technique she taught me, has helped me be successful in auditions and performances. I would highly recommend her to anyone who loves singing, or who wants to learn.


After a long deliberation I started looking for a vocal coach.  I made a few calls and found Nicole. We agreed to meet and after meeting I knew it was the right choice.  Nicole’s background in music is amazing and her coaching skills are to be sampled.


Nicole made me feel relaxed and gave me confidence when achieving my singing goal.  She taught me breathing techniques that have helped me in many areas of my life not, just with my singing. I would recommend Nicole to anybody who wants a professional approach and guidance.


In March 2014 I decided to find a vocal coach to help get me back into singing as I was about to give up as I had no confidence and needed help learning how to sing properly.

After searching around on the internet I found Nicole! I phoned her up asking for her help and she was so friendly and kind and was only too pleased to help me.  After meeting her for the first time I knew it was the best thing I had done.

Nearly two years later I'm still having lessons with Nicole and I have learnt so much!  I've learnt breathing techniques, posture, how to sing correctly and - most importantly for me - I've learnt to have confidence when singing.

Nicole has an amazing voice, an impressive background in the music industry and is friendly and supportive and very patient! All of this has helped me not just with singing but in everyday life! I'm now able to sing in a choir and sing as a soloist!

If anyone is thinking of singing for whatever reason I would definitely recommend Nicole Young!
Nicole has helped me so much and I love every lesson we have.

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