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I will work to improve your vocal range or help with a break in your voice.  You might have tuning issues, or perhaps you find it difficult to project your vocal or sustain your voice as you'd like, I can help with all of these
Individual tuition
60 minutes


£30 per person
Groups of 2 or more
60 minutes tuition


Intensive Individual tuition
60 minutes

Each lesson begins with a selection of warm up exercises before moving on to vocal techniques, strengthening and tuning work.


A firm technical foundation is essential for any vocalist, whichever style is pursued.    It is important to establish a natural voice from which to build upon.  I work to establish optimal vocal efficiency,  whilst making sure that each person retains their unique sound and style.


Lessons are individually tailored.  Each session is a mixture of effective vocal technique and innovative, musically relevant exercises.  Sessions also include troubleshooting work, on repertoire relevant to each client's style and genre. 

Individual tuition
30 minutes

half hour

ONE hour

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